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In 1950 we set out to help schools better their physical education. Working with teachers and leaders across Scotland we've worked hard to create fun, engaging and educational swimming lessons for students of every age and our work continues today. Everything we do helps create a healthy, active generation for Scotland.

Brodies' Partnership

Until 2004 we were sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland. Since 2008 Brodies LLP has generously sponsored us - helping to secure funding for our day-to-day work as well as hosting multiple competitive events. Additionally, Brodies has helped us fund national swimming for the WISE International competition.

The Brodies' Team Championships are held in June for students across Scotland. Many schools attend from every corner of the country making it a great opportunity for students to make new friends. Every championship event is a fun, action-packed day out.

You can learn more on the Brodies' website at www.brodies.com/node/1982

Glasgow Schools Swimming Association

For over eighty years the Glasgow Schools Swimming Association has held events for secondary school students. The 86th Annual Secondary Schools Gala had multiple events for boys and girls - in the early years there was just a single event for primary girls and boys - and every year it gets bigger and better. Now Primary children have their own event in February. 

The Secondary event held in November can be used by competitors in the Brodies' Championship in January as well as the time trials in November for events not held in our programme and for Primary Pupils.

The Secondary programme has changed to include longer events with capacity to grow - we regularly assess yearly uptake - always offering four strokes with younger competitors choosing to take part in 50 or 100 metres. We separate participants into four age groups with a 4 X 50 relay for every group. 

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